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Dec 2011

We have begun lifting seaweed this winter to assist crofters with the collection of this valuable organic fertiliser. Last year we spread just under 50 hectares of seaweed across the Uists.

The use of seaweed to fertilise crops is an essential aspect of traditional crofting. However, crofter’s ability to access and collect seaweed from the shores has declined over the years and the introduction of inorganic fertilisers has entailed that less seaweed is used on the machair than it used to be. Through our Management Agreements we agree to lift and spread seaweed across the machair on individual plots and in some cases this is the first use of organic fertiliser for decades. We will be working with SAC next year to run a series of tests to measure the true organic value of seaweed for corn crops next year which we hope will help inform rates of application in relation to crop growth.