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Sep 2011

Our reaper binder has been out harvesting crops across the Uists and in Barra.

We have harvested 8 hectares of corn this year with our modern version of the traditional binder. The parts for the new binder are easy to source and its speed of working is also a benefit. It has a four and a half foot cutting width, is tractor mounted and is able to cut very low to the ground leaving little stubble waste. The harvested crops have been stacked to feed out to cattle over the winter months or will be threshed for seed to be sown for next year’s crop. We were particularly excited to have re-introduced the binder to Berneray in North Uist since crops have not been harvested this way there for over ten years. As well as being an effective way to maintain traditional crofting the stacking of crops provides a valuable winter food source for the corn bunting and other seed eating birds. We will look to increase the area of crops which we harvest by binder next year.