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Aug 2010

Have you got a reaper binder hidden at the back of your shed waiting to see the light of day? If so the Conserving Scottish Machair LIFE+ Project would like to hear from you.

The project would like to encourage crofters to once again fire up their reaper binders and reap, bind and stook some of their crops, which not only supports the unique, traditional crofting culture, but is great for conserving the machair and its wildlife too. The project has also sourced bailer twine to help get binders back into action since consultation with crofters has suggested that a shortage in twine is one of the reasons why they no longer make use of their binder. Getting parts for reaper binders is also a major issue and it may be that your reaper binder can donate parts to bring new lease of life into other binders. So if you have cropped machair in a Natura 2000 site and have a reaper binder that you would happily put back into service, or donate for parts, or if you require bailing twine in order to get yours going, then get in touch with us.