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Jan 2012

We have been busy this winter signing-up crofters to Management Agreements to carry out beneficial works on the machair this year. The number of agreements has doubled from last year and we now have 60 crofters who have agreed to take part in project works in 2012.

Works agreed range from seaweed application, shallow cultivations and harvesting corn crops with our reaper binder to opening up areas of machair for the growing of corn and grass crops which have not been worked in over ten years. These new areas are of particular importance since the creation of grass and arable silage creates additional valuable habitat for breeding corncrake, waders as well as invertebrates such as the Great yellow bumblebee. Although we are not able to agree any more full Management plans for this year there are some management options which we will still be able to carry out such as reaping and binding. If you are a crofter who is not currently signed-up to an agreement with us and would like to discuss options please contact us.