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Oct 2010

The project has successfully committed four applications to the Scottish Rural Development Plan for Biodiversity in North Uist, Barra and South Uist 2010 to benefit Natura 2000 designated features. The continued availability of funding to support crofting is essential if we are to maintain this valuable habitat.

The project worked with four crofters to put in application for funding through the Scottish Rural Development funding for Biodiversity in 2010. The applications covered areas of croft land within the Natura 2000 designated areas and included management options which will benefit key wildlife features of the machair. These included mowing and grazing management to benefit breeding corncrake and waders such as lapwing, redshank and oystercatcher and invertebrates such as the Great Yellow Bumblebee which is a UK and Scottish biodiversity action target species. One hectare of new cultivation of cropped machair was also agreed at Baleshare, North Uist. These applications have enabled important funding support to the crofting community to maintain beneficial management for the machair and its wildlife.